Aug 6, 2013

Creative Fibre Festival 2013, non-felted things.

Brightly crocheted collar of the fashion show compere.

In April (which seems a long time ago now) I attended the 2013 Creative Fibre Festival, just for the day.There was the national exhibition and challenges, a fashion-show and special interest group meetings , such as the NZFelters.
Of course in the trades hall, I spent many hours drooling over delicious fibre merchandise and bought copious amounts of (un-)needed raw locks and curls, dyed wool sliver, silk and mohair. 
I tried out new fandangled spinning wheels, chatted to Mr. Ashford (of the international spinning wheel and loom fame) about his wild carding machine, and he let me demonstrate it to other ladies, after tweaking my technique. ( Don't pull on the uncarded fibres when feeding them into the carder, they'll end up on the small drum instead of around the big carding drum!)
I saw several demos on crazy spinning, hugged old fibre friends from around the country, and chatted with new aquaintances. Then I walked the whole trades hall again, in case I had missed something!
In this post I'll show you a few items that caught my eye at the exhibition, and which are not felted.

Small tapestry weaving, very intricate!

Tapestry group challenge, "from the mountain to the sea".

A large humorous wool "painting".
Now I couldn't quite tell, if this picture was felted or just laid down, or needle-felted into place. But the artist used the wisps of wool like they were strokes of oil-paint. Very cleverly done!
Here is the useless dog, made of wisps of coloured wool.

Of course some people wore their own creations.
Here some mind-boggling knitting.

Flower lampshades.

 In another room of the building was a separate exhibition, nothing to do with creative fibre, but it took my fancy, and I sneaked some pics...
These art installations really made me smile!
All made from fake flowers and light. Sorry can not recall the artist, very naughty of me...

red flower wall light.

Pacifica living room.

All the up-cycled furniture was covered with fake flowers from polynesian lei garlands. 
I stood there giggling!

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