Dec 26, 2012

A very Berry Xmas to you!

Our garden is full of flashy red pohutukawa flowers, and very busy tuis, bellbirds and silvereyes, all having their seasonal feast.
 Our Christmas today was at my brothers' house, not far away.

This is the dessert table, what a summery spread!
Our sis-in-law is such a good hostess, she makes the most wonderful traditional concoctions.

A marvelous trifle with alcohol drenched cake, custard and many different berries. Boysenberry jelly and my contribution were organic Dawson cherries.

A summer bread pudding with boysenberries and cream, beautifully presented.

Oh we all ate too much, especially after the prawn cocktails; roasted new potatoes, kumara and pumpkin; pasta salad; chicken and b.b.q.-ed scallops, and b.b.q.-ed lamb chops with rosemary and mint; and the first sweet corn of the season...
Luckily there was a big break between the 2 courses, and some vigorous games of outdoor ping-pong.

We had expected a proper rainy day, as had been forecasted, due to a nasty cyclone passing New Zealand. And it was a bit moist in the night, but it got quite hot and muggy today, and all doors and windows were open. We all sat outside on the deck, and this was our view:
(Of course I didn't put the new house being built right next to the fence in this picture...)

The light was gorgeous when the sun started setting this evening, and made the landscape look like an old painting.

What a lovely relaxed day we have all had!
I hope you had the same, wherever in the world you are.
Merry Xmas to you all!


Benice & Borre said...

Lieve Ellen,

Wat een prachtige desserts! Hoop dat je hele fijne dagen met de familie hebt gehad. Ik wens je een heel creatief en feestelijk nieuwjaar toe, hopelijk wordt 2013 een mooi jaar met heel veel gezelligheid! Heel veel liefs uit Nederland voor jou en de rest van de familie van mij en natuurlijk ook van Borre, Madieke en Dave!

Elmtree said...

Welbedankt, en het zelfde geldt natuurlijk ook voor jouw gezinnetje!
The first day of the year is already gone for us, and it was lovely weather, very relaxed at home.
Hope you are able to a bit of the same...