Jul 10, 2011

Interior at night.

 It is the middle of winter and it is dark around 5 o'clock in the evening.
But we keep the place cosy and warm, especially since we have had the floors and ceilings insulated. We got a little help from a government scheme for older houses. Don't understand why the former owners never had the rooms downstairs done . We had the walls against the hill side done as well. There was just 1 layer of gib board. Then a walking space and then the hill!
The rooms felt different straight away; so worth the money!

 Looking into the workroom/ dining room from the living room. It all looks a little beige, and it isn't just the lighting, it's the oatmeal coloured wallpaper and the hideous brown carpet. Those beige "neutral" curtains don't help, but one day...... One day I intend to have white and a light ocean/ aqua-green wall. We are pretty sure that the floor is matai hardwood underneath that 70's worn carpet. I would love  to see a bare wooden floor, the wood lightened or bleached. At least we now have new lamp shades, and it feels a bit more like us.

Taken from a different angle, my bookcase is up and chok-a-block. And I culled and culled.... It won't stop me from buying new books either!  Through that door is the kitchen.

 Photo taken from next to the dining table. The double folding door leads into the livingroom, where you can see the woodburner aglow with a cat in front of it. This warms up this whole level including the kitchen ( on the right) and our bedroom ( ahead, to the left) . As you can see, this is my workroom and I have created several stations for the different things I like to do; sewing and collage painting.

 And this is the kitchen. I hate the fake wood 1970's cupboards which reach all the way to the ceiling. Which I can't reach without standing on the 3d step of the kitchen steps.
I also hate the white plastic laminated wet-walls, it feels like a camping ground kitchen.
Horrid scuffed linoleum on the floor.
Horrid avocado green countertops, which is wearing off in many places.
And horrid little tiles which are a smudged brown, making them look as if they have mould growing on them.
Underneath that sticking-out bench is a wall of horrid dark brown bricks.
An ancient dishwasher( at least 20 years old I'm sure), which still goes. This is a novelty for us; we have always been the wash-by-hand-kind-of-family. But I could get used to this machine.

Ugh! Those little curtains are going to have to go! These coming holidays I will make something cute.
That door is our front and back door at the same time.
And I can see the sea from that window!!

Luckily the old horrid brown 1970's stove broke down: it actually shorted the wires on 1 of the elements, we could have had a fire! Then another element faulted on its thermostat.
We didn't trust it after that, especially not when it tried to electrocute my handy Man,  after he had unplugged it at the wall and taken the fuse out of the fusebox. Nasty! Out with it!
My clever brother managed to get us a near new one at auction and saved us lots of money!
And it looks so much better...

This kitchen has lots of horrid details. However they are all cosmetic and can be changed, with a bunch of money. The best thing about the kitchen is it's lovely big size, the sun streaming in through he windows, the views, the space and check out the size of my pantry!!
It is sheer bliss when I open the doors and can walk into it. I have had 2 low cupboard shelves for 15 years, in front of which I had to kneel on the floor and dig deep into the back to find ingredients. Something which my sore and creaky knees protested about.
The door on the left goes to the dining-room.
The door on the right goes to the little hall with the toilet, bathroom and stairs to the lower level.

This is the little hallway with dad and daughter-in-England on the phone together.
She is going to visit Paris this week, the lucky little thing!! sigh...
More horrid carpet and oatmeal coloured walls.
One day everything will be just as we want it. We've certainly lived in much worse!!


vrouwenhand said...

Blijft een gek idee dat het bij jullie winter is en ik hier in mijn korte broek zit.

Leuk om jullie huis eens van binnen te zien. Lekker ruim hoor!
Qua keuken hebben wij ook iets uit die tijd (helemaal hetzelfde groen als je tafel) maar ons hele huis staat op de planning om over enkele jaren gesloopt te worden dus wij knappen niks meer op. Maar ik herken het wel dat je in een interieur woont wat niet helemaal je smaak is.

Elmtree said...

Wij hebben hier op de hill in een beschutte plek geen vorst. Als de zon schijnt gooi ik de veranda deuren een uurtje open, als de wind niet te koud is tenminste, en mijn man loopt dan ook overdag nog vaak in de korte broek. 20 minuten rijden hiervandaan in Hastings hebben ze soms -4'C en heel soms een natte sneeuw flurry of -7'C.
Interieuren zijn hier niet erg belangrijk voor mensen; het is leuk maar prioriteiten zijn anders.